RECROOM is available on Steam.

Works with VIVE, Oculus, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Tired of first person shooters? Want to try virtual laser tag and paintball? This is your game!

They have an awesome laser tag and paintball section. You play against other real players, so it’s challenging. Some of them are very good. Everyone is automatically assigned a team, but you can switch teams before the game starts.

If people are rude or vulgar, there’s a great system for kicking people from the game. I’ve never had much trouble from other players in RecRoom.

Adding other friends is easy. There are other games, like ping pong, dodge ball and soccer (but I didn’t like those as well).

Also, the laser tag / paintball games are short, like 8 minutes, so I can play even if I don’t have a lot of time. You don’t have to play all night (but you *could*).

My video is mostly of the laser tag, my favorite part.


The other fun feature in RecRoom is their Create a Room feature. You can use almost unlimited creativity in putting together a room. They provide 3d objects to put in it, as well as a paint-gun similar to Tiltbrush to decorate with. The rooms can be private or public. And you can make your own paintball or tag game.

Some rooms I’ve visited: a huge ship in the sky, a giant dragon, an archery game (with no apparent rules), a forest.

It’s all good fun. Try it out!