Resource Page

Many of these resources are superstars among Indie game developers. Some are little-known. The point is, these resources were there, needed, and appreciated.

Manuel Bastioni Lab

I’ve been following Manuel Bastioni Lab, downloading the software, and playing with it for about twelve years now, and it just keeps getting cooler.

It has a plugin that’s integrated into Blender–



Ditto–a decade playing with Blender. Keeps getting cooler.

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

This is where we got the whale songs. Thank you NOAA and National Park Service.

Since the censorship of a certain ersatz president, has become vital to the health of the Internet. Check it out. Upload something.  When I get around to it, I’m going to upload the Mac shareware I downloaded from Darpa in 1984. (Trivia questions–Which Mac game had a melody snippet from “Walk Like an Egyptian” ?)

Unity Asset Store and other Unity things.

Models. So many free models.

Shader Forge taught me that I could do procedural shaders quite easily because of all the fractals I’ve done over the years.