Fantabula The VR Experience

Fantabula, this VR mashup extravaganza, has been our playground as we learned about making content in the Unity authoring system.

It’s taken us over a year because, to paraphrase J.R.R. Tolkien’s intro to LORD OF THE RINGS, we had duties that we did not neglect.  Lareena’s up in Alaska running the best bed and breakfast in Fairbanks, and I’m down in SoCal being a  bum and family-sitting.

We need to wrap up the fun, though, because Lareena and Khevron are going to Europe!  and I will be a full-time content creator, both beginning this fall.

We’ve had so much fun making the game that we hadn’t considered that we could put it up on Steam, so many of these blog posts will be catagorized by what we learned and how, rather than a week-by-week travelogue.