Keyframe Animation

Climbing Scene

The rhino model that Lareena added to the Climbing Tutor scene had a running-rhino animation. However, the rhino only ran in place, as if it were a character in a Scooby-Doo episode.

From what I could tell, animation components placed inside the model’s folder, the animation components seem to be read-only. Don’t tell me–I’ll figure out how to do animation layers and masks the right way when I study animation more in depth to prepare for the next app. Simple now, elegant later.

For right now, I puzzled out a solution, in a similar way to the puzzles in the “Breath of the Wild” game that is feeding my game addiction this week.

So here it is:

Create an empty. I named mine RhinoPath.

Click on GameObject and create a new animation. (Not Animator)

I named mine RunRunRhino.


Add an Animation component (Not animator component) to RhinoPath.

Add the animation RunRunRhino to the animation component.  I added the animation name to both blank fields.  I don’t know why it’s needed twice; I will figure that out before next project.

So right now, if I were to start keyframing, the rhino would still run in place. However, an invisible component would be racing around the lawn.

Next, then, is to make sure RhinoPath has the same Position Coordinates as Rhino. It’s dummyproofing the parenting — I know they will be in the same position.

Make Rhino a parent of RhinoPath.

Leave the Root Node checkbox on the rhino model OFF. That’s because the model is going to follow its parent, not the other way round.

Open the Animation pane to set up keyframing.

Click on “Add Properties”, Position and Rotation. We’re not going to make it get bigger and smaller, so don’t need “Scale.”

Get rough points on the Position keys first.

Estimate the points where you want the rhino to run, scrub the timeline cursor, moved the RhinoPath object, click on the Position keyframe, then click on Add Keyframe.

Hit play on the Animation timeline (NOT the Scene play) and see if it moves to the place you want it to go.