3 Walkthroughs from January 28th, Fantabula

January 28, 3018

Climbing Puzzle level

From the beginning lobby, you have 3 choices of scenes. We go from there to the Climbing Puzzle level. From there you teleport to a bizarre collection of climbing levels, almost a puzzle, to get to the top, where you can teleport to the next level of the game. Climbing walls. No FPS or monsters attack on this level.
Scene was made using the VRTK SDK.

Then on to the Kezaria FPS scene.

The Kezaria level still had the run-in-place feature at that time., though at the time of writing this article, I had taken it out due to some strange jitter we were getting when the Player moved around. Though later, I solved the jitter by repositioning the VRTK SDK items, so I may put the run-in-place back in. I demonstrate use of the gun and holster, various monsters in the FPS. Climbing buildings. Getting to top of mountain and teleporting to next level.
Scene was made using the VRTK SDK.

Finally to the last level: Skyway.

Showing the pathway through the air to the mountain top. In this early version, we had planned a higher level but later decided to remove it. So some of this has since changed. Also, the bow was not working in this version.

Skyway is a SteamVR SDK scene, which sets it off from the other two scenes and the lobby.  I had converted it to VRTK but had so much trouble finding a bow and shooting system I liked, that I changed it back to SteamVR. So the look and feel of teleporting is different in this entire scene. You can’t travel just anywhere but are limited to the teleport planes and teleport circles that I set up.

The weirdness about using SteamVR to run the scene is that half the time I go to test it, I have to reset the Build setting–player settings back to OpenVR instead of None (even after I delete “none,” somehow it comes back and puts itself first). I never have that problem with the VRTK setup scenes. I’m sure hoping that once we build it, that problem stops occurring.

I will do new walkthroughs when we put the game out.

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